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The 54 basic emocons, divided into 7 groups: Doubt, Incompetence, Exhaustion, Stress, Fear, Agony and Anger.

Emocony is completely new and efficient as a correction for emotional disorders or negative emotions. It is a total concept with nothing missing. It fills a gap in emotherapy, which is particularly topical and is becoming a pressing issue. Whereas emotherapy is currently performed by talking or meditating, emoconia offers possibilities with preparations of medicinal plants, which already have an effect by simply taking them or applying them to the body. The book “Emotional Wellness” explains and elaborates everything from needle to thread. All questions related to emotions are answered. Emotional Wellbeing describes how plants work on emotions and then which plants for which emotions. Because there are 54 plants, there are 54 articles about one plant and the emotional states it works on, described in detail. There is no chemistry involved at all. On the contrary, the words are all descriptions of emotional states, such as “confident, insecure, self-confident, self-doubt, feeling of inferiority, self-confidence, assertiveness”, to give just one example. Many synonyms and opposites, then. Each plant gives an emocon, which is “the emo medicine” that you can take or apply to the level points of your body. The book is addressed to everyone: all persons with emotional problems, all interested parties, also medical and paramedical professions, herbalists, therapists (also psychotherapists), as well as laymen. The book ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ contains a summary of the emocons, with both the description of the 54 emocons and a short description of the philosophy and theory. All emocons are divided into seven groups: I. DOUBT, with Primrose, Knotgrass, Aaron, Samambaia, Angelica, Sweet Bay, Elderberry, Meadowsweet and Maple. II. INCOMPETENCE, with Thyme, Horse Chestnut Leaf, Green Tea, Fumitory, Black Spruce, Sweet Basil and Myrtle. III. EXHAUSTION, with Plantain, Peppermint, Iceland Moss, Hyssop, Spring Beauty, Pepper & Chili and Harpago. IV. STRESS, with Camomile, Black Horehound, Lotus, Passion Flower and Lime Flower. V. FEAR, with Turmeric, Jatarianca, Nutmeg & Mace, Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemon Balm, Niauli and Clary & Sage. VI. AGONY, with Daisy, Eyebright, Cypress & Cedar, Mandarin, Tea Tree, Hawthorn and Clove. VII. ANGER, with Incense & Myrrh, Ravensara, Coriander, Peachwort, Rosemary, Willow, Poppy, Cistus & Rose, Lavender, Tormentil and Yarrow: 54 in total. They are the 54 Basic Emocons.


The new groups are VIII. HARDSHIP, with Celery, Jeera, Cocoa, Star Anise, Gentian, Cardamom and Fucus. IX. COMPLAINING, with Celandine, Artichoke, Robert, Yellow Trefoil and Alfalfa. X. MELANCHOLY, with Safran, Mandarin, Jonsol and Orange Blossom: 16 in all, bringing the final number of emocons to 70. This became the Second Book of Emocony:

Emotional Wellbeing… continues its journey




1 EMO I = I Emotional Wellbeing                                                                                  18 €

I                       Emotional Wellbeing

The 54 basic emocons, divided into 7 groups: Doubt, Incompetence, Exhaustion, Stress, Fear, Agony and Anger.                                                                                   18 €



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