New! English e-books

New! English e-books

New Englisch E-books about Emocony – Emotional Wellbeing

Emocony is completely new and efficient as a correction for emotional disorders or negative emotions. The Treatment of negative emotions with plants. Explained in 3 e-books.

– All e-books for 20 euro each
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Hier krijg je een beknopt overzicht welke engelse uitgaven in e-book besteld kunnen worden, elk e-book kost 20 euro – er zijn 3 verschillende uitgaven.

Read more in english about the 3 exeptional e-books of the author Apr.Philippe Gérard.

I Emotional Wellbeing e-book. The Book of Emocony

The 54 basic emocons, divided into 7 groups: Doubt, Incompetence, Exhaustion, Stress, Fear, Agony and Anger.

Emocony is completely new and efficient as a correction for emotional disorders or negative emotions. It is a total concept with nothing missing. It fills a gap in emotherapy, which is particularly topical and is becoming a pressing issue. Whereas emotherapy is currently performed by talking or meditating, emoconia offers possibilities with preparations of medicinal plants, which already have an effect by simply taking them or applying them to the body. The book “Emotional Wellness” explains and elaborates everything from needle to thread. All questions related to emotions are answered. Emotional Wellbeing describes how plants work on emotions and then which plants for which emotions.normally 20 euro. Read more and order

II Emotional Wellbeing… continues its journey e-book

The 16 new emocons, divided into 3 new groups: Hardship, Complaining and Melancholy.

Because new emotions keep popping up, I was also looking for new emocons to correct their negative forms and make them positive. Thus a second book became necessary to describe the emocons from No. 55 to No. 70 with their classification into three new groups.

The new groups are VIII. HARDSHIP, with Celery, Jeera, Cocoa, Star Anise, Gentian, Cardamom and Fucus. IX. COMPLAINING, with Celandine, Artichoke, Robert, Yellow Trefoil and Alfalfa. X. MELANCHOLY, with Safran, Mandarin, Jonsol and Orange Blossom: 16 in all, bringing the final number of emocons to 70. This became the Second Book of Emocony!

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III Emotional Situations e-book

Specific situations of emotional distress require 70 combo-emocons: compositions to correct each situation.

The emotional disorders described in this book are caused by complex situations that people find themselves in at some point in their lives. Situations that cause a constant emotional disruption, which the circumstances brought about. Unpleasant situations at home, in relationships and in the family, but also at work, in sport and during free time. Disruption due to illness, poverty or limitations. Complicated emotions get you down, especially if they have been there for a long time. Negative reactions to them by others can be destructive and block the rest of your life. Combo-Emocons, preparations of medicinal plants, can turn those negative feelings around and replace them with positivity. By giving the desire to do something about the negative emotion, these emocons provide the push needed to take action to control that unpleasant situation. Finally, in “Emotional Wellbeing… continues its journey”, possibilities to start working as an emoconist yourself are indicated. With combinations of music, mantras and oratorios as sources of inspiration. Because art, song, music, language, words and images are pure emotion, I could not help but seek comparisons with the levels in the world of art and culture. On the other hand, I also like to make the connecting comparison between East and West, namely based on the cultures of the East (India and the mantras) and the West (with us and our rich tradition of music and words). I call this ‘East meets West’. In this way, I give points of departure concerning the levels to meditate on or simply to sink into a rapture about the beauty that we have in the world.

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autor Philippe Gérard, Ostend, Belgium
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